PopcornOne child is chosen as the Popper using the scissors, paper, stone game. The rest of the children sit cross-legged on the mat, holding tightly onto their feet. The Popper begins to jump with the intention to 'pop' the children. The children have to hold tight to their feet and not let go. If they let go they are considered 'popped' and have to sit on the safety pads. The last child to be 'popped' becomes the new jumper. Blow up BallA designated ball thrower stands on the outside of the trampoline. The Thrower tosses a soft ball over the net and into the trampoline to the waiting children. One child tries to hit it out using a volleyball-type arm movement. No catching or holding the ball is allowed. The ball must stay up in the air and not touch the mat. Whoever fails to knock the ball out (who had the last touch on the ball) becomes the new Thrower. Blindfold ZombieThe chosen Zombie has to close his or her eyes and count to three. The Zombie walks around the trampoline with outstretched arms and tries to tag another child. The other children duck and weave around the trampoline to avoid being tagged, no jumping allowed. The tagged child becomes the new Zombie. Kicky DodgeballChoose a Kicker. Use a soft sponge ball or light plastic ball only. The Kicker starts the game by kicking the ball around the trampoline. The children dodge the ball by running and weaving around the inside of the trampoline. The child who gets touched by the ball becomes the new Kicker. Shark FishThe designated Shark closes his or her eyes and counts to three. The Shark then calls "SHARK!" while the children call "FISH!". When the Shark catches a Fish he has to shout loudly "SHARKFISH!". The first Fish to be caught becomes the new Shark.