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Trampboard Sizing & Assembly

We can help you assemble your trampboard! Contact us to find
out more.
VODA Vent Trampboard Assembly InstructionsTools required1 x Phillips Screwdriver
Your box contains 1 x VODA Vent Wakeboard Trampboard
2 x Foot Bindings (Left and Right)
2 x Black Discs
8 x Screws
8 x Metal Washers
  1. Place the one black disc in the center of each binding. The two "0 degree" markers should align to the arrows at the top and bottom of the binding.
  2. Place the bindings on board with the Vent Board wing logo at the back. Line up the board Insert holes with the binding Disc holes.
  3. The Vent Trampboard has three width insert sizes for your bindings. Choose a width that is comfortable for you. As a guideline if you are 150 cm or below you may prefer to use the inner disc holes; if you are over 150 cm you may prefer to use the outer holes to give a wider base. Whichever you choose should be comfortable for you.
  4. Place the washers on top of the holes and then insert the screws (4 in each binding). Attach the binding loosely, rotate the binding to a degree that feels right for your feet, then tighten the screws securely with a manual screw driver.

    Note: Do N0T use a Power Drill to screw in the Bindings.
  5. Angle Check - Your lead foot will be slightly more angled than your rear foot. Make sure that your bindings are at an angle that is comfortable and will not strain your knees during jumping.
Assembly Rates If you need help with the trampboard assembly, please view our rates here.
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