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Trampboard Benefits

Working Out With Your VODA Vent TrampboardThe VODA Bindings align and stabilize your hips, knees and feet with the board, so that every jump, turn and trick you practice can be translated onto water or snow. The adjustable angles of the bindings allow you to set your board 'regular' or 'goofy' depending on your wakeboard, snowboard or skateboard style. It doesn't matter whether you lead with your left or right foot - you can customize the board to exactly meet your preference and comfort requirements.
Getting StartedFully loosen the bindings before you start. Once you're on the trampoline, and with your shoes on, slip your feet into the bindings, tighten the straps and lock them down. Start with small bounces on the sweet spot (centre) of the trampoline to get the feel of the Trampboard. Stop and double-check your bindings again to make certain they are tight.
As you get used to the feel of the board, you can start to catch more air by using deeper knee bends and your arms to increase bounce and lift.
Ready to Train!Training with your Trampboard on a trampoline means you can practice your grabs, turns and spins, in any sequence, dozens of times. When you consistently catch good air and stomp your trick with the Trampboard you know you're ready for more advanced tricks, or to hit the water behind the cable or boat! The state-of-the-art binding straps are fully adjustable to fit your foot size. Once you have tightened and locked down the straps you are free to experiment with jumps and tricks knowing that the board will not slip or unbuckle.
Trusting your board is the foundation to successful, fun, safe trampboarding. For overall fitness, there's nothing quite like jumping on a trampoline with a Voda Vent Trampboard!
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