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Trampoline Sizing & Assembly

Not sure a trampoline will fit?
Meet our assembly professional, Hamzah! He can complete an assessment for you and give you advice on space, hazards, safety, and the best site for your trampoline. This service is charged at $75 (paid directly to him after the assessment is completed). Contact us to arrange a time for your assessment.
You can view a PRO-LINE 14ft round trampoline with safety net at the following locations:
- Marsden Swim School,
  Holland Road
- Expat Living, Loewen Gardens
Please refer to Useful Links for individual websites.
Sizing your Trampoline

Before you buy your trampoline make sure:
  1. That the ground is level.
  2. That you have adequate space for your trampoline (check trampoline measurements here). When allocating your space, allow an additional 3 feet / 90 cm to for assembly and periodic maintenance, such as tightening net straps and cleaning safety pads.
    Example: Measuring for a PRO-LINE 12 ft trampoline set: The diameter of this set is 12 feet, so you must therefore add at least an extra 3 feet) to your measurement. Your total diameter should therefore measure 15 feet.
  3. That you have a height clearance of approximately 5 metres to erect net poles and jump safely. Avoid possible hazards such as low hanging branches or roof overhang.
  4. That the trampoline is not straddling two different types of surface (eg. part lawn, part decking or tiles). If your flooring is a combination surface please do let us know before you place an order, and we'll give you some suggestions on surface preparation.
  5. If you are having difficulty visualizing the size of the trampoline in your own garden, measure carefully and lay down plastic cups, markers or pebbles to form the complete circle. This will help you check for possible hazards such as a garden wall, fence, shrub or tree, and it will help you get your perspective right!
Assembly Tips Trampoline FrameLeg assembly - look out for the marking of the metal outcrop for the bottom half of the leg that stops the upper part of the leg sliding too far down the shaft.
SpringsTension the springs on the compass markings NSEW, lining up these first four springs on the red marks. Work around the trampoline mat to tension the springs in the gaps, reducing any imbalance in tension. Safety PadsUse the hook near to the trampoline leg poles to tie the padding under the springs.Safety NetUse the long straps net straps to secure the net at the base of the net poles. Use the short straps to secure the top.
This is the reverse of the instructions given!

To establish the door opening position
- Bracket the first net pole onto the first leg of the leg-pairs (to the right).
- Bracket the second net pole onto the first leg of the leg-pairs (to the left).
- Line up the net 'door' in the centre space between the leg poles.
- The ladder must be fitted in this centre space for correct access through the net door.
Straps for the Safety Net
- Secure the straps at the top of each pole first.
- Ensure all the straps are tensioned evenly but loosely.
- Bracket all of the remaining lower half of the net poles to the leg poles.
- Slot all but three of the upper half of the net poles into the lower half of the bracketed poles to establish full-length net poles.
  The net is now loosely in position.
- For the last three poles: slot the centre pole in first, then slot the poles to the left and right.
Finally, tighten all net straps to ensure even tension.

SAFETY NOTE - Ensure that both ties that fasten the net door are secured to ensure maximum safety and net integrity once children are using the trampoline.
Assembly Rates If you need help with the trampoline assembly, please view our rates here.
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